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Working at the intersection of longevity and work, Adapt with Intent works with you to shift your mindset and discover new possibilities in evolving career journeys, innovative work systems, and redesigned "retirement”.
As lifespans lengthen, people will be navigating careers that span 50-60 years and current pace and work systems are not set up for this modernized career journey.
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Adapt With Intent is a boutique consulting firm that works collaboratively with leaders, educators, and organizations to radically redesign new ways of working and learning across all stages of life. As longevity impacts how we work and learn, we see a new Game of Life emerging with new rules, greater need for personalization, and intentional evolution along the way.

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We support organizations and learning institutions looking to lead the way in supporting talent as they evolve their skills and passions over the course of their careers. We want to help you evolve to embrace an ecosystem of talent that includes many ways to work, intentional collaboration across generations, and systematized on- and -off ramps to support smooth transitions as employees go through the ebbs and flows of life and learning

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Longevity lifestyle workshop shifted my view of retirement. This should be offered to all plan members so we can help them plan for the non-financial side of the retirement process. Plan sponsors need to hear this message so they can adapt.
Amazing session! Great speakers & very relevant information. Simplified a complex topic into something that is practical that plan sponsors and advisors can act on.
Thank you Simon and Kyra for the amazing session. I thought I had my retirement lifestyle fully planned but you gave me so much more to think about. Fortunately, I have several years to design my retirement lifestyle before my next life-stage. So glad I had the opportunity to actively participate in your sessions.
Excellent workshop. The model of their presentation got me very excited about the topic. Fantastic!
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