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As longevity and demographic shifts impact how we work and learn, we see a new Game of Life emerging, requiring us to evolve the ways we learn, work, and fund 100-year lives.
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Adapt With Intent is a boutique consulting firm that works collaboratively with leaders, educators, and organizations to reframe thinking and generate new ways of working and learning across stages of life. Demographic shifts and an unprecedented increase in life expectancy over the past century have created a new life course that social norms and structures are ill-equipped for. 

As longevity and demographic shifts impact how we work and learn, we see a new Game of Life emerging, requiring us to evolve the ways we learn, work, and fund 100-year lives. 

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We have a vision for a world in which infrastructure, institutions, and norms are redesigned and revitalized to be "longevity-ready." Increasing lifespans and aging demographics is not necessarily a looming crisis, but an opportunity for strategic change. Adapt With Intent can support you in embracing the Longevity Revolution. 

We envision a future where our societal infrastructure aligns seamlessly with 100+ year lives. Are you ready to be a part of the transformation and create a “longevity-ready” society?

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In today's landscape of increased longevity and diverse age demographics, institutions and business leaders are presented with a profound opportunity: to pioneer fresh approaches that leverage the richness of a multigenerational society while simultaneously constructing vital infrastructure to support encore careers and lifespans reaching 100 years.

I admire the pioneering work of Adapt with Intent, collaborating with leaders in higher education, financial services, and human capital. Simon and Kyra are helping leaders shift their mindsets, rethink their customer and workforce strategies, and reimagine how to support extended careers and lives.
Adapt with Intent stands out for their expertise in longevity and demographic shifts, taking a collaborative approach that transcends traditional consultancy. Adapt With Intent played a crucial role in collaborating with my leadership team to develop and pilot an innovative strategy that integrates intergenerational collaboration into our work-integrated learning models. I look forward to continuing our work with Simon and Kyra as strategic partners to evolve the future of work and learning.
Simon is widely knowledgeable, creative, intuitive and always well prepared. Our audience enjoyed his candid storytelling and vulnerability as a facilitator. His passion for modernizing retirement systems to a more holistic approach is both cutting edge and practical across both the various generations and stakeholders in managing the next stages of life
When I retired almost 10 years ago after a successful 38-year career in financial services, I thought transitioning to retirement would be easy. After experiencing "retirement shock", I spent the next 6 years  researching retirement, resulting in a best selling book "Victory Lap Retirement" based on the realization that there is a new era of retirement emerging that is no longer full stop and requires planning beyond just the financials. I am thrilled to see the work that Adapt with Intent is doing with senior leaders in financial services and higher education to develop longevity strategies and create the structures and pathways I wish I had when I transitioned to retirement.
We engaged Adapt With Intent for a workshop to develop a united 'One Sun' vision of how retirement is evolving with the heads of marketing from our Canadian business unit.

The workshop exceeded our expectations & catalyzed a shift in our collective mindset. The experience fostered empathy among our team for the non-financial aspects of retirement and provided invaluable insights into the evolving nature of retirement. Through engaging discussions and thought-provoking exercises, Adapt With Intent helped us realize the necessity of modernizing our mindsets and institutional structures to support 100-year lives.

Simon and Kyra have deep expertise in longevity and reframing retirement, and their workshop has set us on a path toward meaningful change and innovation.
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