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Whether it's through dynamic speaking engagements, interactive workshops, insightful webinars, or other avenues, Simon Chan & Kyra Jones are dedicated to sharing their vision for a world where infrastructure, institutions, and norms are redesigned and revitalized to be "longevity-ready". Increasing lifespans and aging demographics is not necessarily a looming crisis, but an opportunity for strategic change

Speaking Topics

If you're seeking to explore the unprecedented challenges and opportunities presented by the increase in life expectancy over the past century at your conference, podcast, or event, let's connect and explore the possibilities together.

Are you ready to be a part of the transformation and create a “longevity-ready” society?

  • Redesigning Workforce Models

  • Modern Career & Retirement Journeys

  • Generating Momentum for Change

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Find out more about our vision for a longevity-ready society.

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Embrace new ideas, systems, and structures for 100-year lives. Let us help you strategize to be "longevity-ready" today.
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