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Adapt With Intent is a boutique consulting firm that works collaboratively with leaders, educators, and organizations to generate new ways of working and learning across stages of life. As longevity impacts how we work and learn, we see a new Game of Life emerging with new rules, greater need for personalization, learning & collaboration across generations, and intentional evolution along the way.

Longevity & Work Consulting

Accelerate your Journey to Adapt to the New Game of Life

We are on a mission to spark the development of new talent systems that support the emerging needs of today's dynamic talent pool. We are experimenters looking to co-create, pilot, and scale new systems that enable people to work differently in response to the ebbs and flows of their lives. Emerging talent needs and new ways of working are at odds with traditional work systems - we work with clients to radically redesign what work looks like across three dimensions:
Strategy & Mindset
Explore the possibilities in what careers look like and how work is structured to adapt your business to the impacts of increased longevity. We design & co-create experiences that create space for your team to ignite new ideas, align around new visions, and create a strategy to shape your future.
Structures & Systems
Harness the collective intelligence of your team and our network of experts in the longevity space to co-create and pilot work structures & systems that enable knowledge retention and benefit everyone – talent, employer, and society. Work can be something that works for everyone.
Learning & Development
We work with you to co-create immersive learning experiences that enable people at any stage in their career to discover and experiment with their next act using experiential learning approaches that make learning productive and fun.
Stages we support

Embracing Radical Redesign Throughout the Career Journey

We work collaboratively with clients to explore the intersection of longevity and work to evolve your mindset about what careers, work systems, and redesigned “retirement” can look like. Together, we can embrace radically redesigned talent models that include a range of options so that everyone can have a career path that works for them and you can retain valuable knowledge and wisdom in your organization. We work across all stages of the career continuum, including:
Learners & Early Career
As longevity lengthens our careers and we evolve toward a 60-year career, it is not sustainable to merely “double” the 30–40-year career that exists today. Future careers will integrate periods of learning, life changes, and work in a more streamlined way and we need to prepare students and early career professionals to embrace a radically redesigned and modern career journey.
Midlife talent makes up a large proportion of the talent ecosystem, and at this stage, many people are looking to work differently. This segment of the workforce has wisdom and experience to share. How might this time in our lives be radically redesigned with more flexibility, purpose, and intentional opportunities to share experience? How might work systems evolve to embrace new, flexible options to engage this experienced talent pool?
Redesigned "Retirement"
Longevity is impacting how and when we retire. Today, at traditional retirement age, people have many years left to make meaningful contributions to the world. We want to challenge and reimagine the systems around retirement to make space for people approaching this milestone to think differently about what their next act looks like. How might we find unique ways to align skills, experience, & passions with meaningful, opportunities to apply them?
Adapt With Intent.
Embrace new ideas, systems, and structures to evolve what work and careers look like over the course of our lives. Let us help your organization experiment with new ways of working and adapt to the New Game of Life today.
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